icehouse canyon

super spontaneous hiking trip with anthony, dahlia and will to see the snow after this big storm that just came through. it was so pretty!! hiked through icehouse canyon saddle through streams and waterfalls, and huge blankets of beautiful white snow. fresh and clean, like little pillows of water hugging the mountains. one of my favorite things is catching a photo of when the light shines through the plants and casts shadows on the snow, almost as if it’s sparkling.   


I cant even begin to wrap my head around this one. Ive been a fan of La Dispute for so many years and to be able to photograph them has always been a huge goal of mine. Last night, watching them support Circa was a beautiful moment, heads bobbing, people swaying. Such Small Hands.


Last night, Circa Survive came through LA with one of my favorite bands La Dispute. I was able to capture this show and I really can’t decide which photos pick but i’ll throw a few in here. What an incredible year it has been being able to photograph them twice!

a film portrait

my beautiful friend taylor took this photo of me while we were at a show, i think in echo park? i cant remember. i’m always weird about having photos of myself taken, maybe that’s why i hide behind my camera. but this is film, kodak portra, and it makes me love this even more.  


a mood

there’s something really therapeutic about moving into a new space. throwing away things you no longer need and making room for new. a little cave of mine. 


help is written in the sand

been working on this music video for cheridomingo lately. my perfectionist side of me wants the color to be just right; the feeling of a memory, slightly removed from it all, almost like you’re viewing it from a distance. i’ve been obsessing, back and forth through different looks trying to find the most pleasing palette. we shot this at dahlia’s house in san pedro, and her beautiful taste in interior decorating really gave this a vibe i’m all about. mel styled the guys and i couldn’t be more pleased with it. the more and more i color, the more and more i wish i was doing this more. giving vibes and creating moods. i love making art so much.  


photoshoot day y’all

I've been working in West Hollywood for about 4 months now, and sometimes I take a different route home and I drive past this really fun pink building on melrose. There is always a huge crowd of people out front taking photos and I thought how cool it would be to photograph Cheridomingo in front of this pink wall. So, here there are, mixed with some other cool shots we got walking around melrose blvd. 


500 days of summer

this little dive bar in downtown la always gives me the good feels. pirate themed, good cider, great food, and always fun music. cheridomingo played last night, and these photos came out really good. very reminiscent of the scene in 500 days of summer.


a music photography magazine

damn. i’ve never had my work printed or published before and to be apart of this incredible project along side all of these other crazy good music photographers feels so good. this has inspired me to print more of my work so i’m going to make this a goal! thank you adam for including me in this magazine!! 

birthday in july

this whole week has been magical. celebrating anthony’s birthday, we saw anthony green play a fantastic show with good old war and the found wild, explored the magical castle, watched cheridomingo play a show in a cool loft, had incredible french food in silverlake, slept on a boat, and hung out with our best friends! if i could do this all over again, i would. i’m so lucky to have this guy in my life and that i get to be apart of his ❤️

not so bummer summer v

and here it is. all the photos from this great show, not so bummer summer, thrown together by a friend named sam. cheridomingo played an awesome set, and I'm in love with these photos so much. the colors and the vibes. it really does feel like summer time.

le petite sayula

anthony’s mom has the coolest little boat 

i’m here for the boo’s

cheridomingo played a fun little show in echo park on friday. this room was a little hard to edit, as they love the red lighting. i love seeing them play, the energy was wonderful that night. on saturday, they’re playing not so bummer summer fest v and it’s gonna be a time. can’t wait 🍒😍

push yourself

wow. this trip was so wonderful. i needed this. i cried. i laughed. my body aches in places i never thought it could. one of the best experiences of my life. and hands down, i would do it again in a heartbeat. i wasn’t prepared for this kind of work out. i wasn’t ready for this. it just makes me more determined to be better, a better person, better health, better mind. i feel so much better coming out of it and i just want to keep this going. there was a point during this set of switchbacks where i thought i was going to die, the pack had continued up the mountain and anthony stayed with me, i was in so much pain, my joints were killing me, i couldn’t lift up my right leg, i felt my knees were going to buckle. i was having altitude sickness at the same time. but he kept encouraging me all the way up, until we made it to the top. 4.1 miles there, gained almost 1500ft in altitude in 2 miles, i was determined to die on that mountain, but the reward at the end was so worth it.. i can’t wait to do this again :)   


currently in the van driving 4 hours north to backpack up a mountain with anthony, dahlia, will, isa, hektor, nora. i’ve never done this before, i’ve never hiked like this before. i’m scared, i’m nervous, i’m coming out of having a kidney infection a few days ago so i feel extra lethargic. i’m excited because i haven’t ever done anything like this before. and to be able to shut off of social media for a weekend, get away from my stress at home, unwind and breathe in the freshest air and be around people i care about. i can’t wait to photograph the mountains and see the fog. i can’t wait for this trip and to share this experience with everyone. i’ll probably update later on when i get back ✌️

los angeles rain

every time it rains here, there’s a part of me that wants to stop what i’m doing completely and lay in bed and cuddle, and the other part of me that wants to jump in puddles and get my hair wet. this morning, i got up at 530 to hear the drizzle outside. it changes everything for me, puts me in a better mood, and i usually listen to death cab or radiohead all day. today is death cab, particularly transatlanticism demos. a couple months ago, i hadn’t really explored this album until anthony put it on and i stored the info for later use. and now, it’s the album that is getting me through this day. ❤️