current ears

 i’ve been in a mood recently with my music and i feel like i have to share it. 

radiohead is one of my favorite groups and as of late, i’ve submerged myself in “a moon shaped pool”. when this first came out, i liked a couple songs but didn’t really explore it because i was stubborn it didn’t sound like their old stuff, but now i’ve grown to absolutely love this album. my current favorite songs off this record would be ‘decks dark’ and ‘ful stop’. they put me in such a moooodd. also, the single ‘spectre’ is a good time. and of course, i can’t go a day without listening to videotape off of “in rainbows”.

another two albums i’ve had on repeat is “blue sky noise” and “the amulet” by circa survive. after going to my first circa show with cheridomingo back in november and completely losing myself in this whole experience of a show, i’ve become a little obsessed with them. in january, i was able to photograph anthony green play an acoustic show in hollywood and then in april i was put on the guest list to photograph circa live. holy fuck, that show was incredible. i jumped in the pit with my camera in hand, with people that mean more to me than life itself, feeling high on life, snake dancing until i couldn’t feel my body anymore. i’m addicted.

lcd soundsystem. now this one is super special to me. i fell in love with them years ago, and when they came to la in november to promote their new album "american dream", tickets were over $100 and i said fuck it and took anthony with me. the crowd, the energy, the love, everything at this show was better than i imagined. we danced all night like our two bodies became one, losing ourselves in the music, singing and jumping, strangers becoming friends, all the love shared. this was being on drugs without the drugs. just love. one of the best experiences of my life, hands down. this album is a great listen from start to finish, with my favorites 'american dream' and 'oh baby'. everytime I hear this album, I put myself back in that night and it makes my entire being feel things.