snake dance

in nov of 2017, i was gifted a ticket to go see circa survive for my first time with anthony, gonzales, mel, adam and fisher. i was warned about the pit and how crazy the crowd can be. i can say, this was one of the best experiences of my life. i had never be to anything like this before in my life. i felt like i was having an outer body experience, levitating above the crowd. anthony and i stayed in for a long as possible, only to leave the pit at the last song to get some water. it was incredible. im sitting here trying to find the best way to describe this trance i was in, but i blank every time. this was one for the books, becoming one being, snake dancing with him and the others, floating around in the crowd from one side to the other. if i could relive this night over and over again, i totally would. i took one photo of circa, shitty iphone grab, but i was able to find a video on youtube of one of the crazy songs. i loved this so much. now they are easily one of my favorite bands, no doubt.