start over

it’s a weird feeling when you have to completely start over from scratch. you lived one way for so long and now you are going to live a different way. i work in hollywood at a boujie spa and i’m looking for an apartment out this direction for the near future. a year ago i didn’t think i would be here, but here i am. sometimes i get nervous to brace life alone, put myself out there as a creative in a city of wolves where so many others are doing the same. it’s so nice when you are surrounded by people that inspire you constantly, people that bring you up, and drive you to achieve your goals. i’ve never seen such drive before in my life than with the few close friends i have. i’ve met so many new friends over the past 8 months, had the craziest experiences, seen the best concerts, laughed the hardest, smiled the biggest, danced the sweatiest, cried the ugliest, and loved the most. when i’m down on myself and i feel like giving up, i remind myself of these individuals that make it worth it. i love you.