push yourself

wow. this trip was so wonderful. i needed this. i cried. i laughed. my body aches in places i never thought it could. one of the best experiences of my life. and hands down, i would do it again in a heartbeat. i wasn’t prepared for this kind of work out. i wasn’t ready for this. it just makes me more determined to be better, a better person, better health, better mind. i feel so much better coming out of it and i just want to keep this going. there was a point during this set of switchbacks where i thought i was going to die, the pack had continued up the mountain and anthony stayed with me, i was in so much pain, my joints were killing me, i couldn’t lift up my right leg, i felt my knees were going to buckle. i was having altitude sickness at the same time. but he kept encouraging me all the way up, until we made it to the top. 4.1 miles there, gained almost 1500ft in altitude in 2 miles, i was determined to die on that mountain, but the reward at the end was so worth it.. i can’t wait to do this again :)