dr. ramser

wow. my dad graduated with his doctorate today. i got to see him graduate with his masters degree 7 years ago and then to see him walk today was a rush. i’m so incredibly proud of him for what he accomplished. he gave up his good paying job working in the film industry for so many years just to finish school. he didn’t have a high school diploma and was determined. he decided to do three things when he was 43. run a marathon, write a book, and get a phd. as of today, at 60, he’s accomplished all three of those. wow. and tomorrow he turns 61!!! so crazy proud to call him my father. congrats dr. dean albert ramser!  

a harvard boy

collection of photos featuring my favorite sweater and this boy that I love.

the tavern

last night, Raychel and I took a surprise trip to ventura to see cheridomingo play. I haven't seen them play in a while, so this was so worth it. this place was called the tavern, and it was beautiful. this huge huge bar, with an outdoor deck, taco man, dance club?, and a live room. I would totally come back here. also, i’m completely in love with these photos. and anthony’s new chucks 😍.

snake dance

in nov of 2017, i was gifted a ticket to go see circa survive for my first time with anthony, gonzales, mel, adam and fisher. i was warned about the pit and how crazy the crowd can be. i can say, this was one of the best experiences of my life. i had never be to anything like this before in my life. i felt like i was having an outer body experience, levitating above the crowd. anthony and i stayed in for a long as possible, only to leave the pit at the last song to get some water. it was incredible. im sitting here trying to find the best way to describe this trance i was in, but i blank every time. this was one for the books, becoming one being, snake dancing with him and the others, floating around in the crowd from one side to the other. if i could relive this night over and over again, i totally would. i took one photo of circa, shitty iphone grab, but i was able to find a video on youtube of one of the crazy songs. i loved this so much. now they are easily one of my favorite bands, no doubt. 


on a rooftop

photos that i didn’t really post. this was on the rooftop of the fox theater on a super cold night. 

a drive to arizona

this was such a special trip. I felt like I should share all of these photos. we drove out to arizona for a night just to see the technicolors play in december. 

current ears

 i’ve been in a mood recently with my music and i feel like i have to share it. 

radiohead is one of my favorite groups and as of late, i’ve submerged myself in “a moon shaped pool”. when this first came out, i liked a couple songs but didn’t really explore it because i was stubborn it didn’t sound like their old stuff, but now i’ve grown to absolutely love this album. my current favorite songs off this record would be ‘decks dark’ and ‘ful stop’. they put me in such a moooodd. also, the single ‘spectre’ is a good time. and of course, i can’t go a day without listening to videotape off of “in rainbows”.

another two albums i’ve had on repeat is “blue sky noise” and “the amulet” by circa survive. after going to my first circa show with cheridomingo back in november and completely losing myself in this whole experience of a show, i’ve become a little obsessed with them. in january, i was able to photograph anthony green play an acoustic show in hollywood and then in april i was put on the guest list to photograph circa live. holy fuck, that show was incredible. i jumped in the pit with my camera in hand, with people that mean more to me than life itself, feeling high on life, snake dancing until i couldn’t feel my body anymore. i’m addicted.

lcd soundsystem. now this one is super special to me. i fell in love with them years ago, and when they came to la in november to promote their new album "american dream", tickets were over $100 and i said fuck it and took anthony with me. the crowd, the energy, the love, everything at this show was better than i imagined. we danced all night like our two bodies became one, losing ourselves in the music, singing and jumping, strangers becoming friends, all the love shared. this was being on drugs without the drugs. just love. one of the best experiences of my life, hands down. this album is a great listen from start to finish, with my favorites 'american dream' and 'oh baby'. everytime I hear this album, I put myself back in that night and it makes my entire being feel things.



fell in love with a girl today

felt like the earth was changing shape

senses sharp to the lilies sway

and in that moment I knew there was no

no mistake

just us, love.

this is genius

no way that this ain't a set up

someone draw the curtain back, 

the jokes up

fell in love in the silence

and in that moment we knew there was no

no mistake

just us, love.


Findlay in Los Angeles on 3/12/18

Hail the Sun

Hail the Sun on the Amulet Tour with Circa Survive on 4/7/18


Foxing on the Amulet tour with Circa Survive in Ventura 4/7/18


Emonite with Cheridomingo 3/6/18

The Technicolors

The Technicolors in Los Angeles 3/31/18

Circa Survive

Ventura with Circa Survive 4/7/18